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Fix Supercell Game's Force Close Problem

As far as I remember the latest HayDay update arrived somewhere in June and I don't play games but my little brother updated it from Play Store and when he launched it, it crashed right after loading screen and every time he launches it gets crashed right after the loading screen. He tried clearing data, reinstalling, checked Supercell Forum for solutions and also contacted Supercell regarding the error but they came out to be of NO HELP and some suggested that he should reset his phone and most of the time it worked for them but it is not easy to reset a phone loose all data or waste hours on making backup so the workaround must be somewhat easier and time-saving

Just to help him, I took his phone for a day and tried to find solution I launched the game and as usual it crashed and in my gaming periods if I were to encounter any related problem I simply check Google Play Services first to see if something has tampered or not and when I checked in his phone I couldn't see his …