Run Old Gameloft Android 3D Games in Modern Android Devices

A few years back I was quite fascinated to see cool 3D games now started coming to mobile phones and my biggest attraction was James Cameron's Avatar and Assassin's Creed Altair's Chronicles and I played them in my Nokia 701 and I still have that great device though and play these games sometimes and unfortunately we can't run those N-Gage games and if here someone still has an N-series Nokia device then brother you're damn lucky :P

Talking about those two games many people might still want to play them like my little brother who may get to play latest even great games but loves to keep GBA, Nintendo and many others handy and don't want to leave them behind even though the world has abandoned it and when my brother showed me the unorganised screen layouts of old 3D Gameloft games I got to find a way to at-least make them work correctly a little bit.

Moving to the instructions the best way to run those games is to avoid running them in latest Android versions, newer the version the harder it will be for the games to run but you can run the game in nougat to but with a little force closes.

  • First of all download the apk files of the old Gameloft games (I have two of them and you can download them from the given links below)
  • Install them and download their respective additional data files from inside the app
  • Run the games and see if they are working fine for you and all the screen layouts and resolutions are fine
  • If they are not, launch the Terminal Emulator and grant su permission by typing su
  • If running on JB use am and for Lollipop and above use "wm size 400x864" command to change display density and resolution
  • Set resolution as per the game's screen size mostly 480x864 in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Launch the game again and should work with perfect resolution and layouts

Downloading  screen Avatar HD

Avatar HD running in Full HD screen in Nougat 7.1.2

  • Use "am display-size 400x864" if using Jellybean and "wm size 400x864" if using above KitKat works till Nougat for now
  • Always download additional from inside the app, it will download correct data and suitable configuration for your device
  • Always use su  but that's not required here but busybox is must
  • One can use it to play many games like Backstab, Splinter Cell - Conviction etc using this method
  • None of those games are officially supported now, in case you encounter a bug or problem kindly bear with that
In case you encounter any problem or stuck somewhere you're free to comment and we will try our hard to assist you better..:)