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Run Old Gameloft Android 3D Games in Modern Android Devices

A few years back I was quite fascinated to see cool 3D games now started coming to mobile phones and my biggest attraction was James Cameron's Avatar and Assassin's Creed Altair's Chronicles and I played them in my Nokia 701 and I still have that great device though and play these games sometimes and unfortunately we can't run those N-Gage games and if here someone still has an N-series Nokia device then brother you're damn lucky :P

Talking about those two games many people might still want to play them like my little brother who may get to play latest even great games but loves to keep GBA, Nintendo and many others handy and don't want to leave them behind even though the world has abandoned it and when my brother showed me the unorganised screen layouts of old 3D Gameloft games I got to find a way to at-least make them work correctly a little bit.
Moving to the instructions the best way to run those games is to avoid running them in latest Android versions, …

Add External Storage's Path in media_rw in Nougat Roms for Unrestricted Read and Write Access

It's been months since I haven't posted a single topic, It's quite hard to manage your schedule for different tasks when you have an extremely tight and busy one and as in my previous post I had mentioned that I'm preparing for medical entrances and hopefully it didn't go well :P and I need to be working a little harder and be prepared for the next time.

Moving to the important stuff, as we all are aware that since the very beginning of Android KitKat era Google has started to put fences on the sdcard access for the third party apps and caused a huge distress among sdcard fans who store all their information and files in sdcards leaving their internal memory a free country and I'm one of these users :P. After frequent OS upgrades Google has slightly improved the access, not like KitKat which completely blocks the access but leaving some bridges open for the users to at-least they can keep up with their sdcards as well.

In Nougat 7.0 and 7.1 sdcard access is op…