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Limbo Game Data - All Level Unlocked

I have been inactive since months and days are not going well, My Dropbox account has been suspended due to over trafficking. I have updated some links on Upfile and it is light and reliable for me to share using that site. While updating links I thought I should write a new post.

Many people says that Limbo is scary but everyone says it is tricky and hard to complete. I recommend them to use walkthrough tutorials to finish the game but apparently that makes the game pretty much unintresting. So I personally decided to finish the game and post its data here. It's helpful in case you don't want to take help from otger sites and rely on your own but can't finish a certain level. You can play next level if you've all the levels unlocked and enjoy the game as it is.

Download the game data firstExtract the files in your sdcard/TitaniumBackupOpen Titanium Backup and restore the game data
Note! Root is required.Game must be installed.Backup file is old and prepared…