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Fix for White Textures in GTA San Andreas in Android - GL Tools

After putting a lot of efforts, I'm able to fix the white peds texture error in GTA Sandreas and now the game is working fine. I have used GL graphics tool to fix the bug. I don't know the main cause of this problembut I think GLSL shaders error because when I fix that some graphical error were solved. Anyway just read the complete topic and solve the problem.

Instructions!  First of all download GL Tools and install it.Open it and install TEX plugin.Phone will instantly reboot.Now open GL Tools again.Browse and open GTA SA.Follow the provided settings below.Launch the game.Enjoy (:Configuration for GTA SA!
Do nothing but tick the ''Optimize GLSL Shaders'' and launch the game. If it doesn't work then use fake GPU info and select desired GPU settings as per based on your device.
     Before      After

Note! It can brick your device if you apply settings system wide.It is very easy process and applicable for almost all games.Root is required in order t…