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Language fix for Need for Speed - Most Wanted v1.3.63 in Android

Today, I've updated Need for Speed - Most Wanted to the latest version v1.3.63 but then I found that it shows Chinese language even then you've selected "English" as your preferred language.

I don't know which language is that but I will use "Chinese" because it looks like Chinese :P

I still don't understand that it is a very old bug, although it's not a bug its just some mistake of file management during creation of the new version. But Electronic Arts must be aware of that as in previous version v1.0.50 we have to choose "Chinese" in order to get "English" language in the game and they haven't fixed it and then after releasing an update the problem become worse when you cannot get "English" language by selecting any of the given language in the game.

So, after working for 10 minutes :P I'm able to find out what's the real problem. Now I've solved it too. Take a look at this image, I have managed to…