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Root and Install CWM Recovery and Xposed Framework in Redmi Note 4G

I have been offline since many days but today I want to share a very basic way of installing Xposed framework and CWM in Redmi Note 4G.

Almost everyone is familiar with Xposed framework and rooting shooting of Android. So instead of talking about these let's directly move onto the important topic xP.

In order to install Xposed Firstly, we need to install a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP but I choose CWM here because it is light and better to use.

Instructions for Installing Recovery!

First of all download Philz CWM for MiUINow open Updater app and click on those three dotsSelect choose update packageLocate and choose CWM zip filePhone shall boot to stock recovery and flash the file automatically
Instructions for Rooting! Now we have installed custom recoveryBoot to recovery by native method (Volume up + power)Now install the SuperSU v2.46 zip fileWhen installation is finished, Reboot
Instructions for Installing Xposed Framework! Now boot to recovery againFlash Xposed framework zip fi…

Enable Third Party External Storage Read and Write Access in Lollipop Without Xposed

As in my previous post I have provided the solution for the same problem but that method requires Xposed framework to work but in this tutorial you don't need any framework to bypass sdcard writing restrictions in Lollipop.

For better refrence I must tell details about the solution. As we know that Google has restricted third party applications to store their data in external sdcard. What we are going to do in this tutorial is to reanable the android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for all the applications.
Instructions! First of all download any advanced file management app.Grant root access to it and mount /system as RW.Now navigate to /system/etc/permissions/Look for platform.xml file.Open the file and find android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE lineEdit like this
Save and reboot your phone. Now try to delete something through an app by which you could not delete earlier.
Note! Root acces is required.A better file management app should be used like X-Plore.This met…

Fix for White Textures in GTA San Andreas in Android - GL Tools

After putting a lot of efforts, I'm able to fix the white peds texture error in GTA Sandreas and now the game is working fine. I have used GL graphics tool to fix the bug. I don't know the main cause of this problembut I think GLSL shaders error because when I fix that some graphical error were solved. Anyway just read the complete topic and solve the problem.

Instructions!  First of all download GL Tools and install it.Open it and install TEX plugin.Phone will instantly reboot.Now open GL Tools again.Browse and open GTA SA.Follow the provided settings below.Launch the game.Enjoy (:Configuration for GTA SA!
Do nothing but tick the ''Optimize GLSL Shaders'' and launch the game. If it doesn't work then use fake GPU info and select desired GPU settings as per based on your device.
     Before      After

Note! It can brick your device if you apply settings system wide.It is very easy process and applicable for almost all games.Root is required in order t…

Enable Third Party External SDcard Read and Write Access in Kitkat (v4.4+) and Lollipop (v5.0+)

In recent upgrades of Android versions like Kitkat and Lollipop, Google has strictly blocked all the third party access in external sdcard. Although they did this for a very good reason but it later it became a problem for many users because it causes great inconvenience.

So, in this small tutorial I want to share a very basic method of solving this problem.

If you have xposed framework installed, then use this method but if you don't have xposed framwork installed then this tutorial might help.

Root access (How To Root ?)Xposed framework for Lollipop (Official Thread)Custom Recovery (CWM or TWRP)HandleExtenalStorage module (Download)
Instructions! First of root your phone.Install a custom recovery.Then flash a particular xposed framework via recovery depending on your phone's requirements.Boot your phone (May take time).Now, install xposed installer app.Install the module and activate it.Reboot.
Note! Choose correct zip of xposed framework.After framework installatio…

Various Ways of Hacking Android Game

I think playing games in Android is one of the most common thing these days but even extremely common problem faced by gamers is expensive stuffs in the game and frustrating In-app purchases.

Whenever an Android user downloads a game, a basic question arises is how can I play without money ? It should be more funny but nope!!! It isn't. Android is an open source platform and a user can do most of the things freely without any restrictions from a very basic level to the developer level.
And best thing is many hacking and security bypass hack is also available like game killer, lucky patcher, freedom etc and that pushes Android OS to another higher level. But user must know which hacking app is best for which app, why and when.
Modified APKs!
Modified APKs (aka Mod Apk) is very common among non-root users and lazy advance users :P because random developers change and lock the value processing components which reads by the program right after the launch which gives the user or player…

Titanium Backup Data for Wild Blood with Unlimited Coins and Everything Unlocked

Few days ago, I bought Wild Blood from Play Store but as usual to earn more money from In-app purchase options, they have made the game hard again. You don't get enough money to upgrade even a sword after completing the whole game and you can't complete the game without upgrading.

First three levels are quite easy to complete because you can play these levels again and again to earn enough money, so that you can upgrade and proceed to the next level. But for lazy persons like me it is a great deal to deal with :/
So, I searched for modified apk but none of them is working for the data version I have (v1.1.3 I think) and it was a great disappointment because game is hard without upgrading and I'm just amateur gamer who don't like to play hard and earn money. Like others I also want to enjoy the game ONLY :P
So, I'm posting some Titanium Backup archives in which one of them has only money that is something 77777... and other has everything unlocked along with so muc…

Repair a Broken ZIP or RAR Archive ?

As in my previous post I have provided a solution for extracting files from CRC broken zip files, and maybe checksum error as different applications shows different errors like some will also show writing error but that's different problem.

Problem occurs when a zip file is completely download but doesn't open or act like a corrupted one. I have downloaded a game and after completing the download, I can't open the file using any app. Its like program cannot excute any command from the zip file even it is completely downloaded.

Sometimes its just pause-resume problem, sometimes the file may be archived badly etc as many basic errors can cause such problems. But still there's a method to repair the archive without any problem that too using an Android phone.

You can repair the archive using RAR for Android developed by Alexander Roshal. I must say this app is great when it comes to compression or extraction because this app is so powerful in handling many files at once …

All Graphics Configuration for Ganstar Vegas

People who want to run Ganstar Vegas on high or very high settings but due to game's default limitation of choosing the most suitable type settings automatically and not allowing the user to change it as per their needs or wants.

That is if your device has fairly advanced and powerful hardware and still Gangstar Vegas game isn't providing options more than high or medium which is quite disappointing for some gamers
So, I'm posting various settings for changing graphics type of the Gangstar Vegas game as per your needs. Choose the best suitable profile.bin for your phone or else you will face basic lag or force close problems. Although it depends on the phone but if needed, get one of these files provided below.

Visual Settings for Ganstar Vegas! Very High (Requires more than 60 fps)High (Requires around 55 fps)Medium (Requires around 40-45 fps)
These are the basic visual settings supported by the game and these can be used for other Gameloft games also as Gameloft developer…

Graphic's Bug Fix for Gangstar Vegas for Micromax Canvas XL2 and Other Devices

Few days ago, I had downloaded game Gangstar Vegas for my little brother and ran it in his Canvas XL2 using Lucky Patcher's directory binder. The game ran perfectly but later I found out that the game's visual quality is set on "Very High" by default.

Canvas XL2 has a powerfully optimized PowerSGX GPU which scores around 55 in Nenamark2 but its not enough to run game's like Gangstar Vegas on very high configuration.

But the main problem was, I tried to change the quality to high but it wasn't changing and every time the game restarts, it gets set to very high automatically and on very high, tha game is lagging like hell :O

So, here's the solution to fix the problem. The main problem isn't in the game but the Android Kitkat itself. Let me explain it, as we all know in newer versions of Android i.e. from Kitkat 4.4.2, Google has restricted the third party access to External SDcard means no third party app can read or write in External storage by defaul…

Best and Toughest Lock Patterns for Android Pattern Lock

Security locks among Android users are common since the era of Ginger Bread versions. Most of the users find it very interesting to lock their Android phones with various methods of locks. Sometimes I feel very strange that the person who doesn't even have a memory card in their phone sets the hardest lock patterns.

By taking the situation seriously, I decided to make some really tough patterns for no sensitive data owners. :P

So, here is all the patterns' screenshot. Just follow their dot numbers and enjoy.

Pattern #1

Pattern #2

Pattern #3

Pattern #4

Pattern #5

Pattern #6

Pattern #7
1-8-3-4-9-2-7-6 Do you think one missed dot matters a lot, No... Yes, that's what I'm saying xP

Pattern #8

Pattern #9

Pattern #10 (by Mayi Pasumarthy)

Best thing I love about pattern locks are if I reverse the order of the number the same pattern wi…

Language fix for Need for Speed - Most Wanted v1.3.63 in Android

Today, I've updated Need for Speed - Most Wanted to the latest version v1.3.63 but then I found that it shows Chinese language even then you've selected "English" as your preferred language.

I don't know which language is that but I will use "Chinese" because it looks like Chinese :P

I still don't understand that it is a very old bug, although it's not a bug its just some mistake of file management during creation of the new version. But Electronic Arts must be aware of that as in previous version v1.0.50 we have to choose "Chinese" in order to get "English" language in the game and they haven't fixed it and then after releasing an update the problem become worse when you cannot get "English" language by selecting any of the given language in the game.

So, after working for 10 minutes :P I'm able to find out what's the real problem. Now I've solved it too. Take a look at this image, I have managed to…

Dolby Plus for Micromax Canvas 2.2

After working hard, I finally able to port Dolby for Micromax A114, enjoy every single beats of your favourite songs, games, videos etc ^_^

First of all what is Dolby ?
Dolby Digital Plus, or Enhanced AC-3 (E-AC-3), is an advanced audio codec designed specifically for evolving media. It can be used in smartphone apps, online streaming services, PCs, tablets, smartphones and home theaters. Dolby Digital Plus defines high-fidelity audio even at low bit rates, employing exclusive compression algorithms to efficiently reduce the file size of digital audio programs. This allows for easier transmission and storage while delivering multichannel capability to bandwidth-constrained applications, mobile networks, and Internet-delivered entertainment. #Dolby_Developers

Instructions! Download the zip filePut that in sdcardReboot to recoveryInstall the zip file and rebootThen open lucky patcher and open ToolboxClick on Remove ALL ODEX FilesYour phone will reboot

Note! Remove odex files onl…

How to use Directory Binder in Lucky Patcher ?

Today, I'm going to tell you about running heavy games on some high-end Android devices that has low storage capacity. Specially for Canvas XL2 users but other users can also use this method. Its safe and reliable. :)

Lucky Patcher (Download)Some basic knowledge of Android OSMinimum 4th Class Memory CardRoot accessDownloaded heavy games and its data :P

So, first of all download Lucky Patcher from the above link, install and launch it. If it asks to install busybox then download and install busybox from Play Store.
Now, open Lucky Patcher and click on "Toolbox" from bottom bar options menu, and click on "Directory Binder".

Now in Directory Binder menu, click on " Add New Directory Bind!".

Now, a popup will appear signifying the location of "Android" folder in two different sdcards, first must be the external one and second must be the internal one. Different devices have different naming of sdcards like some has "extsdcard&q…

Lenovo Vibe UI Ported App Collection (Links Updated)

Here I'm back with some new and awesome stuffs.

This is the collection of some ported apps from Lenovo Vibe UI. I've tried to port some of the apps and some of the apps are downloaded and most of them can be installed as a normal android app.

File Manager!

Power Manager! Download

Video Player!





Sound Recorder!

DownloadLauncher Themes

Camera! (Has Bugs)

Lenovo Browser! (Chinese)

Lenovo Calender!